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Students in academic institutes are asked to write different types of essays every week. They have to submit the writing assignments before the deadline otherwise they face consequences in terms of scoring low grades. Therefore, they try their level best to write top-notch essays. From online websites you have to pay for essay services to improve your essay writing skills.

Writing is a skill and it can be learned easily.

Polishing writing skills is not a tough job. If an essay writer works hard, he can become a top-echelon writer within days.

Essay writing is also referred to as story-telling. However, it is more than simply telling a story. It is an excerpt in which a writer has to express his thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions, point of view, suggestions, and recommendations in a significant and impressive way.

It is a fact that convincing someone or presenting a solution to an issue is not as simple as ABC rather it’s a tough job. An essay writer has to make his content unique, extraordinarily attractive, stunning, superb, and brilliant to write a top-tier essay.

Teachers emphasize essay writing because it is the tool that they have in order to assess the level and standard of writing and thinking ability of students. Therefore, they assign different writing tasks based on different types of essays.

A student cannot write a handy and presentable essay if he does not have any idea about each type of essay. All students must understand the motif of essay writing and know the exact meaning of the topic and its type.

The essays are of two types. The first one is formal and the other one is informal.

The formal type of essay writing is followed in all academic institutes. It further has several types which are as follows.

1) Narrative

2) Descriptive

3) Persuasive

4) Expository

All the afore-mentioned essay types play a vital role in grooming student’s thinking style that is “Brainstorming” as well as raise their “writing standards”. All essay types are important and all students must learn them so that they can perform better in exams, assignments, and surprise quizzes. You can easily improve your english papers writing skills from online essay writing websites.

Let’s have a look at essay types briefly one by one.

Narrative essay:

A narrative essay is a particular genre of essay writing in which a student has to narrate a personal experience he or she has faced in his or her life. In this type of essay, a writer must know the art of weaving truth and then present it in the form of essay writing.

Descriptive essay:

A descriptive essay is another type of essay in which a writer has to describe a process step by step so that a reader should get to know about something from the first step till the end. It is about describing an object completely in a significant and vivid way.

Persuasive essay:

In this type of essay writing, a writer has to take a firm stance against a specific statement and then prove his point of view or stance to be the correct one and more appropriate.

It’s about convincing the reader according to the writer’s point of view


Expository essay:

In an expository essay, it is the utmost responsibility of the writer to explicate the object thoroughly. Students or neophyte writers often make a mistake of mingling the meaning and concept of an expository essay to a Descriptive essay. Just keep on writing down all ideas coming to your mind or get a college essay help from online websites.

An expository essay requires a writer to expose a subject completely before its readers so that they can understand that particular subject in depth.

It is about illustrating a subject in chronological order and baring the subtle characteristics of a subject which must not be vague or naïve to discuss; rather they must be of great significance.

It is highly recommended for students to learn the basics of essays and their types so that they can write splendid and top-notch essays throughout their academic careers.



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